Letters hypocritical, self-serving

January 20, 2013

The letter campaign on the Wednesday opinion page defending the three Greene County teenagers killed in an Oct. 3 car accident on Interstate 79 was hypocritical and self-serving of the authors.

Why is it wrong for the news to report the findings related to an abhorrent lack of responsibility by a young, adult male that directly led to the deaths of three other human beings?

The rest of the world is to emote insensibly about their absence? Are we supposed to walk on eggshells instead of using this as a dramatic teaching moment for other young drivers? Why the cryptic health excuse for one of the deceased?

Those young men were not boys. The driver was considered old enough and mature enough to operate a vehicle and bear the responsibility of passengers in his vehicle and the other drivers on the road. He failed in that responsibility, and tragedy occurred as a result.

Yes, this was an enormous personal mistake, if you wish to call it such, although far too many crimes are called mistakes nowadays. But for some mistakes, there are no avenues for redemption.

Donate your time and energy to making something better come out of what happened to your family member or friend, and that is not demonizing the media for reporting the facts.

Kristi Rothermund

Bethel Park

Letters hypocritical, self-serving


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