We all can work together

January 20, 2013

I attended the Robinson Township meeting Jan. 14, and the same questions and statements kept coming up about Range Resources not giving specifics and not answering questions about the two wells in the Candor area.

I attended several of the earlier meetings, and Range Resources presented specific information about each of these wells at those meetings. I am referring to such things as hours of operation, proposed routes for truck traffic, number of trucks per day, speed limits for traffic to and from the wells and other issues.

I understand our elected officials must consider what is in the best interest for all residents in our township. However, there comes a time when the township must move forward and focus on the future, and that time is now.

In case township officials are not aware, there are hundreds of taxpaying residents who agree it is time to approve the well process and move forward.

I have worked with MarkWest in the pipeline process and communicated with landowners in many townships, and they have praised MarkWest. If you look at their completed projects, they are totally committed to taking care of our beloved land and putting it back to the original condition or better. I also have talked with multiple landowners and visited well sites where Range Resources accomplished the site preparation, drilled multiple wells and reclaimed the area. Landowners were absolutely amazed at the outstanding work and their appreciation of the land.

I was in the military for 41 years, and our training was always to think outside the box. Today’s environment leads us in the same direction. This process benefits everyone, not just now, but for generations to come.

So be positive. Look to the future and overlook a temporary inconvenience. Hopefully, our elected officials will consider approving the process for the wells without further delay and before it becomes a legal matter. Our township does not need and the taxpayers do not want any additional legal fees.

Remember, we are all children of God and we can all work together for the good of everyone.

John Campbell

Robinson Township

We all can work together


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