Range Resources not forthcoming

January 22, 2013

This letter is in response to John Campbell’s letter to the editor Monday on Range Resources and natural gas drilling in Robinson Township.

I also attended the earlier township meetings where Range’s requests for a conditional-use permit were discussed. But I do not agree with Campbell. Shawn Gallagher, the attorney for Range Resources, hasn’t been forthcoming with information that would be necessary for our elected officials to make a sound decision on the conditional use permits.

Range may have provided some information. However, this was all very standard information. That’s where it ended. Range would not even provide the township with a correct site plan. The minute the township asked questions, Gallagher rushed to close his case. The supervisors are just doing their due diligence by asking questions, expecting answers and applying township ordinances.

Gallagher claims Robinson Township is not proceeding in good faith. I disagree.

Range filed an application for one well pad in September. Gallagher then requested the township not hold the first meeting until Dec. 10. The township agreed. The Dec. 10 meeting occurred and Gallagher handed the supervisors a two-inch binder of information, then stated they were done.

During public comments, residents asked questions, but Gallagher wouldn’t answer them. The supervisors stated they needed time to review the binder, and the public would have a chance to review the public documents. It appeared Gallagher did not want anyone to ask questions.

At the start of the Jan. 14 meeting, Gallagher was present. He took a seat among the residents. The room was packed. The secretary announced that they would be moving the meeting into the garage, which could hold everyone. We all stood and began to move to the garage, but Gallagher left the building.

Many residents had comments and questions for Range but Gallagher ran from the meeting. Why won’t he answer questions?

Range seems to be expecting to get what they want without regard for Robinson Township’s concerns or ordinances and is not proceeding in good faith.

Mr. Campbell, there are taxpaying residents who feel that moving forward with this industry requires protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the community first. If this industry is really concerned with being good neighbors they would abide by township ordinances instead of threatening lawsuits.

Cathy Lodge


Range Resources not forthcoming


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