More tapes for Philly mob jury on Day 11 of talks

  • Associated Press
January 24, 2013

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia mob jury is back in court hearing more FBI wiretaps on Day 11 of deliberations.

The focus of the tapes played Thursday is defendant Damion Canalichio (can-uh-LEECH-ee-oh). He’s accused of helping run La Cosa Nostra’s illegal sports betting operation and loansharking business.

Seven people are on trial following a decade-long FBI investigation. The evidence suggests the city’s mob today is low-key and focused on making money from gambling, video poker machines and high-interest street loans.

The lead defendants are 73-year-old reputed boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi, alleged underboss Joseph “Moussie” Massimino and Ligambi’s nephew, alleged consigliere George Borgesi.

The federal jury has twice had to start their deliberations anew this month when alternate jurors were seated.



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