A vision of better governance

January 24, 2013

I am writing this on Martin Luther King’s birthday as I watch the second inauguration of Barack Obama as president. It is an awe-inspiring ceremony. It is difficult to fathom the logistics involved to accomplish such a feat.

My desire is that the civility displayed by all the politicians and dignitaries would continue through the next four years. The speaking skills of the participants and beautiful music and poetry reminded me why I am proud to be an American citizen.

The technology that was developed by Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and others permitted me to observe this spectacular event from the comfort of my home in a remote location far removed from the nation’s capital. I had a vision concerning local government and local politicians.

I envisioned the abrogation of nonappreciative attitudes by politicians toward their constituents; that they realize they hold office to serve the constituents and that their income is derived from the tax dollars paid by the constituents; that they are receptive to new ideas to enhance the appearance of the community and to cut costs where feasible; that they are respectful at meetings and don’t try to belittle or intimidate constituents who ask challenging questions; that they are honored to serve the community.

I also have a vision of transparency at all times in all offices and that attending meetings would be a positive, informative experience. We could disagree without being disagreeable.

Was I dreaming?

Ron Lemley

Mt. Morris


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