Soap opera review

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January 25, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie spent a much-needed night alone with Bill in Brooke’s cabin, then was infuriated to learn he’d been sneaking drinks. Taylor criticized Brooke after seeing her car parked at Bill’s house. A mystery woman from her past confronted Dayzee and told her to return what she left behind. Taylor walked in on Hope and Liam. Katie apologized to Bill and told him she was concerned about him growing distant. Dayzee told Hope about her history with Maya and went to great lengths to hide her secret from Marcus.

Days of our Lives: EJ offered to help Will in his custody fight. Gabi made an emotional confession to Nicole. Sami questioned Nick and Gabi’s fitness as parents, infuriating Rafe. Nick sought custody advice from Justin, then told Gabi he wanted to get married right away. Chloe and Anne thought they’d broken up Daniel and Jennifer but soon learned otherwise. Nick pressured Will to give up legal rights to the baby.

Will opened up to Sonny. Adrienne and Sami came to loggerheads over their sons. Rafe accused EJ and Sami of manipulating Will and Gabi and told Nicole he had finally seen Sami’s true colors. Chad tried to apologize to Abigail and Cameron without much success at first. EJ pulled back from Sami after they nearly made love. Will announced he wanted to be part of the baby’s life, which didn’t thrill Nick.

General Hospital: Maxie was shocked to learn she was pregnant and considered using it to get Spinelli back. Spinelli looked forward to renewing their relationship, but first he had to be honest about something. Anna filled Luke in on the events in Switzerland. Connie found Olivia at the penthouse and assumed Sonny left her there as her jailer. Luke discovered the real Duke had returned and prepared to compete for Anna. Olivia had another hallucination of Maxie with a dog-baby. Patrick and Emma saw Sabrina at Kelly’s, and Patrick explained that Sabrina would no longer be baby-sitting.

The Young and the Restless: Chelsea rebuffed Adam when he told her he wanted her to move with him to Paris after he found someone to replace him at Newman Enterprises. Sharon told Adam that Newman would never love him back. Noah opened up to Sharon about Adriana but not the stolen money. Kevin and Chloe celebrated their newfound fortune. Adriana told Alex she didn’t know where the stolen cash was. Congressman Wheeler told Jack he wanted to keep his daughter out of the media.

Michael told Jack he wasn’t responsible for Stephanie’s death and wouldn’t be pursuing the case. Victor tried to blackmail Jack. Phyllis had words with Christine, who told Paul she intended to follow through with the civil suit against her. Phyllis told Jack they needed to take things slowly, given their situations. Phyllis had a heated discussion with Avery, then later signed the divorce papers. Victor tried to lure Nick back to Newman. Devon and Tyler teased Neil and Leslie about their relationship. Lily complimented Tyler’s work in opening The Underground. Devon announced Jack’s departure from Newman. Jack apologized to Neil for the way he treated him and told him he wanted Neil to head the fashion division he was creating. Adam warned Jack that things weren’t over with Victor. Adam told Jack that he and Chelsea were history. Tucker and Devon discussed an opportunity at McCall, and Devon told Neil about it.



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