The greatness of Churchill, FDR

January 26, 2013

I agree with Bruce Kauffmann’s assessment on the Jan. 20 commentary page that Winston Churchill is the 20th century’s greatest man.

The runner-up or alternative would have to be Franklin Roosevelt. Both are so honored by saving democracy and civilization from Nazi tyranny. Churchill alone couldn’t have done it without FDR. Churchill was �alone in the wilderness� for seven years before the war came. How FDR managed the public sentiment of isolationism and appeasement reflects his political skill and savvy. This is why FDR hated Charles Lindbergh and Joseph P. Kennedy.

If FDR had his way, America would have entered the war way before the Pearl Harbor attack and fewer Americans might have died; not that he was a warmonger, but he was prescient and had keen foresight.

His D-Day Prayer rivals many of Churchill’s wartime speeches.

Jer-Yuan Tsi


The greatness of Churchill, FDR


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