Allow law-abiding to have guns

January 27, 2013

This is in response to the Jan. 21 letter from Herb Caponi on assault weapons: How can you say that if you take all semiautomatic weapons away from law-abiding gun owners, it will stop all gun massacres?

Do you really think if everyone gives up all their weapons and just has an old six-shooter that the criminals will do the same? I live in the country in Greene County, and I have been robbed before, and thank God my wife and son were not at home when it happened. I called the Pennsylvania State Police, but it took 30 minutes for them to get here. The state police do a great job here, but it just takes that long to get to where I live.

I have no neighbors, and what would happen if I am at work and a couple guys decided to break in? I want my wife to have a way to defend herself and my son. How often do you read about crime in Upper St. Clair? Now how about Greene County? The police do a very good job here but it is impossible for them to be everywhere. You also say that when the U.S. Constitution was written that it was meant for a musket. When was the last time anyone robbed a store or person with a musket?

There is no quick fix to these problems. Mental health is a good start, background checks also might help. But no criminal will buy a legal gun to commit a crime. Also, I believe schools should have armed guards. There are a lot of veterans who cannot find a good job, and they would be perfect for this job. We use guns to protect money, most colleges have armed police, our courthouses have armed guards, so why not protect our children the same way we protect out money? Our kids are the most important asset we have. And allow the law-abiding gun owner the right to protect their family. And I would like to thank Congressman Tim Murphy for standing with gun owners and the U.S. Constitution.

Dave Doyle



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