Robinson officials set a good example

January 27, 2013

Recently, I attended a hearing in Robinson Township where supervisors were considering the conditional use application of Range Resources to drill gas wells in the township. I was impressed by the professional behavior of the Robinson supervisors. They conducted the meeting in an honest and fair manner in spite of the fact the Range Resources attorney did not bother to make an appearance to answer questions the supervisors and concerned public wanted answered.

And, moreover, from information supplied by the supervisors, Range refused to meet the needed requirements of the conditional use application.

Range’s absence clearly shows it doesn’t care to be a good neighbor, nor does it care to abide by the guidelines of the Robinson drilling ordinance. Yet it is Range that attacks the Robinson supervisors and its solicitor for not fully cooperating. As evidenced from Range’s behavior in Mt. Pleasant Township, Range only wants total control of the drilling process, no questions asked.

I commend the Robinson Township supervisors and their courageous solicitor, John Smith, for their dedication to seeing that Robinson’s citizens are as fully protected as possible. How fortunate its citizens are to have these leaders, and what an honor it would be if all local governing bodies had such honest and caring individuals to represent them. Kudos for the brave work these leaders are providing not only for its residents but also as examples of what all supervisors and solicitors should be doing.

Ron Slabe

Upper Burrell Township

The writer is a member of the Uniform Construction Code appeals board in Upper Burrell Township.


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