“FrackNation” is propaganda

January 27, 2013

The Jan. 21 article “New documentary targets critics of fracking” does the film “FrackNation” a favor by calling it documentary. It is, in fact, propaganda, much like “Gasland,” except hewing the industry line.

As the credits in the article make clear, filmmaker Phelim McAleer is both a propagandist and a reactionary type – he invariably takes up for the big guys.

A little checking on his career shows he has attacked global warming in various productions and articles and is opposed to environmental protection. “FrackNation” so closely follows the industry line no one should be fooled into thinking there is no connection with it. Some things a serious viewer should know are the following: The dairy industry declines where shale drilling goes; property values decline precipitously; insurance will not cover damage by drillers; and people do, in fact, get sick.

It is very significant that global warming was never mentioned in “FrackNation.” The arguments for drilling are like all industry arguments, financial.

There are about 200 sites on the Internet opposing shale drilling in its present form. Some want closer regulation, some want it stopped. They include chefs, religious groups, hunting or fishing groups, disgruntled individuals, and scientists and engineers. Everywhere modern fracking is tried, which is far different from the first generation hydrofracturing, there is complaint and opposition.

Energy is important, and most people are as indifferent to the source as to where their food comes from. The conflict is between buccaneer drillers, backed by the same irresponsible financial industry that brought on the housing bubble, and the people who live in the country, like myself, and a very few environmentalists.

S. Thomas Bond

Jane Lew, W.Va.


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