Bucknell acknowledges inflating average SAT scores

January 28, 2013

LEWISBURG (AP) – The president of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania said an internal investigation has revealed that school officials falsified students’ average SAT scores.

President John Bravman said mean SAT results were inflated over the past seven years by about 16 points on a 1,600-point scale.

Bravman disclosed the problem in a letter Friday to students, staff and alumni of the selective liberal arts school in central Pennsylvania.

He said the discrepancy was discovered by an enrollment administrator. Bravman attributed the inaccurate figures to officials who no longer work at Bucknell.

College entrance exam scores averages often figure into national rankings. Bravman said he doesn’t know why Bucknell’s scores were doctored, but apologized for the misrepresentation. Bravman became president in 2010.

Bucknell enrolls about 3,600 students in Lewisburg, about 115 miles northwest of Philadelphia.



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