Charges filed in Perry robberies

January 29, 2013

Two men were charged Monday in connection with the Dec. 20 and Dec. 23 robberies of two Perry Township businesses.

Logan Cory Ice, 20, of 130 Elm St., Mt. Morris, was charged with two counts of robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, two counts of theft by unlawful taking, criminal conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking, two counts of receiving stolen property and simple assault. These charges stem from the Dec. 20 robbery of the BFS store, 139 Locust Ave., Mt. Morris and the robbery three days later at the BFS Family Restaurant, 106 Gas Company Road, Mt. Morris, directly across Interstate 79 from the first robbery.

Timothy Alan Gamble, II, 20, of Pentress, W.Va., has been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and conspiracy to commit theft by unlawful taking for his alleged involvement in the latter incident.

The charges were filed with District Judge Glenn Bates, but neither man has been arrested.

On Dec. 20, police responded to a robbery at BFS. According to an affidavit, store clerk Diamond Riley told police a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black mask and wearing blue latex gloves entered the location and presented Riley with a note demanding money. Riley said the man was holding a black and silver handgun. She told police she gave him $238.66 cash and he fled the store.

On Dec. 23, police were called to investigate another robbery, this one at the family restaurant. Police interviewed Gamble, a waiter at the restaurant, who was behind the cash register when the robbery occurred. Police said Gamble told them someone wearing a blue hoodie with something covering his face entered the restaurant with a black handgun and a note demanding money. Gamble said he gave the robber $30 in tips and $421.90 from the cash register.

Police later interviewed Gamble’s co-workers who were at the restaurant Dec. 23. They told police Gamble gave the robber large bills that were kept in a concealed location to prevent theft of the currency in the event of a robbery. They further told police Gamble was texting on his phone prior to the robbery and had asked a co-worker if the surveillance cameras were working.

Both Ice and Gamble were subsequently interviewed by state police and cell phone records were obtained. Police said the text messages exchanged between them were found to be about the robbery.

When police interviewed Gamble Jan. 17 he told them he was just a victim in the crime and not involved. Gamble allegedly changed his story in a second interview conducted Jan. 23, telling police it was a staged robbery. Police said Gamble told them Ice texted him and asked if he could rob him for money and Gamble told Ice it was up to him.

In their Jan. 17 interview with Ice, police said Ice told them he and Gamble had staged the Dec. 23 robbery. Ice claimed Gamble told him how to do the robbery and provided him with a mask and instructed him to use a note. According to police, Ice said he waited until there were no customers in the restaurant before entering and displaying a chrome and black BB pistol and note. Ice then fled the scene and went to Waynesburg to purchase heroin with the stolen money, police said. Ice claimed he used all of the money with the exception of Gamble’s tip money, which he later returned to him with some of the heroin he purchased.

Ice told police he later threw the gun into Lake Wilma in Blacksville, W.Va., and burned the clothes he was wearing, a police affidavit said. Ice denied any involvement in the Dec. 20 robbery and told police Gamble borrowed his gun a day or two before the robbery. Ice said he takes care of his mother and Gamble could have taken the blue latex gloves when he was at Ice’s house visiting him. Gamble subsequently denied taking part in this robbery and told police Dec. 21 Ice had some money which they used to buy drugs.

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