Help restore Ryerson park

January 29, 2013

Please help restore our state park to its original beauty.

Dr. Maurice Goddard, our former secretary of environmental resources, wanted every resident of Pennsylvania to have a state park close enough to go and enjoy a day there. Ryerson Station State Park is our state park. It was absolutely beautiful in its original state. The dam was beautiful. It was such a beautiful site when you would drive by or go to the park for a picnic. We used to have our Sunday school picnics there on Sunday afternoons. People were there enjoying themselves with their families. It was such a beautiful place to go and enjoy the time with family and friends.

It is true that we can still go there, but it is so depressing now. Looking out over what used to be a beautiful dam and seeing a big empty hole with all kinds of weeds growing up in it is absolutely devastating. We do pay taxes here and deserve to have the same beautiful things that other areas of our commonwealth have. Dr. Goddard would be so disgusted if he saw what we have now. I am sure he would make it right so we would have what we once had. We need to hold those responsible for our devastation to their duty to correct what they did. Please help us get our beautiful Ryerson Station State Park back.

Marty Dinsmore

Wind Ridge

Help restore Ryerson park


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