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February 1, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric sympathized with Taylor over her hurt feelings over Stephanie’s decision. With Steffy away, Hope got together with Liam, whose loyalties were tested. Bill confided his feelings for Brooke and Katie to Justin. Donna and Pam were suspicious of Taylor’s hanging around Eric. Rick annoyed Thomas, whose decision to leave Los Angeles for Paris hurt Taylor. Marcus and Maya almost ran into each other at the farmers market, a near-catastrophe for Dayzee. Pam gave Eric romantic ideas. Marcus introduced his adoptive brother to Dayzee and the family. On a flight from Paris, Steffy spilled her guts to a stranger. Brooke pleaded with Liam to leave Steffy for Hope.

Days of our Lives: Nicole and Marlena each took Kristen to task for causing a rift between Brady and his family. Daniel pre-empted Chloe’s attempt to move back in with him. Hope encouraged Jennifer to fight Chloe’s fire with her own. Nicole planted top-secret Titan files from Brady’s computer on Kristen’s and eventually got found out. Marlena confessed to Brady she tried to set up Kristen. Brady confronted Kristen after realizing she lied about the torn-up note. Gabi granted Rafe’s request to postpone her wedding. Billie told Kate she was leaving town. Hope was evasive when Rafe questioned her about Bo’s extended absence. Brady and Kristen had words and intimacy after he confronted her over lying about her note to Marlena. Rafe told EJ he and Sami had planned to reunite prior to the brouhaha at the wedding. Sami accused Gabi of keeping the baby from Will, and Nick chased Sami off. Chad tried to make amends with Abigail and Will. Chloe tried to thwart Daniel and Jennifer’s intimate evening away.

General Hospital: Michael and AJ confronted Tracy with proof she used mob money to finance ELQ. Anna took over the search for Emma and issued an Amber Alert. Felix persuaded Sabrina and Elizabeth to spice up their love lives. Lulu overheard Spinelli telling Max and Milo about his New Year’s Eve tryst with Maxie. Grieving Kristina lashed out at Connie and was arrested for assault. Sabrina and Britt had words over Emma. AJ hired Duke for ELQ. AJ and Michael reveled in their supposed conquest at ELQ, but a story in the Sun darkened their moods. Alexis pushed Sonny to ask Connie to not press charges, and Michael and Starr also weighed in. Todd demanded Connie stop trying to run the Sun in his absence. AJ and Michael confronted Connie about her source. Lucy’s estranged husband arrived in town, to her delight. Sonny let Connie have it. Tracy asked Luke to get info from Carly about another Quartermaine heir.

The Young and the Restless: Chelsea told Sharon that Newman Enterprises and the need for Victor’s approval would always come first with Adam. Adam told Chelsea he still wanted to work things out. Victoria tried to get Adam to give back the company, and he refused. Billy worried that Jack might have a relapse. Leslie scurried out of the athletic club before Congressman Wheeler saw her. Leslie told Neil she didn’t want to live in the past as they shared a kiss. Wheeler asked Victor to get Avery to drop the Innocence Foundation case. Michael told Lauren he didn’t want Fen to be guilty, and she left in anger. Adrianna asked Noah to help her investigate Kevin, Chloe and the missing money. Victor and Adam had a father/son talk, which turned heated. Tucker told Katherine he was leaving town. Victoria reassured a distracted Nikki.



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