Some Dunkard Valley customers again without water

February 1, 2013

GREENSBORO – Some customers of the Dunkard Valley Joint Municipal Authority in the Glassworks area again were without water service for part of Friday because of distribution line problems.

Service to Greensboro and Glassworks had been restored Thursday following a two-day outage after the authority repaired leaks in two of its lines.

After the repairs were made, the authority stopped taking water from the East Dunkard Water Authority, which it receives through a line connecting the two systems, according to authority secretary Joyce Drew.

On Friday morning, however, the authority found its own tank had drained, apparently from another line leak. The authority again began to receive water from East Dunkard, which has provided water to most of the system except to some customers in Glassworks, Drew said.

The authority was attempting to locate the leak Friday afternoon and was not sure how long it would take until the problem was resolved, Drew said.

Outages have been fairly common for the authority in the last few months because of the weather and the authority’s old distribution lines. A water buffalo has been set up at the Greensboro fire hall for those needing water.



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