The root of all evil

The root of all evil

February 4, 2013

In response to John Campbell’s Jan 20 letter, “We Can All Work Together,” I’d like to make some comments. I also attended the meetings of the Robinson Township supervisors that Campbell attended. Campbell forgets to mention that Range Resources, at the December meeting, refused to answer questions from the supervisors and the public. They also did not show up for the Jan. 14 meeting. He also didn’t mention that the township’s engineer testified that Range’s plan does not meet the requirements of the township’s zoning ordinance.

He writes about MarkWest and their pipeline, but leaves out the fact that our township supervisors approved MarkWest’s road crossings very quickly. MarkWest followed the rules and answered questions when they came to a Board meeting for a permit.

Campbell says he was in the military for 41 years. Does the military operate with no rules? Or is there structure and order just like in our township? Range has drilled in our township before and followed the rules. Why can’t they now?

Campbell wants our elected officials to consider approving the wells. Does that mean even if their plans violate the law? Would our supervisors be doing their job if they disregard the township ordinances? Maybe Campbell has forgotten about the huge spill that occurred at a drilling site just up the road from where he lives? And yes, as Campbell states in his letter, “We are all children of God.” But let’s remember what the good book says: Money is the root of all evil.

Richard Barrie



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