Two horses die within minutes at The Meadows racetrack

February 5, 2013

At a racetrack where an estimated two to three horses die a year, two mares died within minutes of each other Monday afternoon at The Meadows.

While preparing for race 14, Lislea Isabella, an 8-year-old, appeared to “choke down” – an industry term for a type of inability to breathe – said Brady Brown, the driver. Virginia Schoeffel and Kathy Schoeffel owned owned the horse and Steve Schoeffel was the trainer, said Mike Jeannot, president of racing at The Meadows.

Then during race 15, Little Bit Tricky, a 7-year-old driven by Brett Miller, died on the track. The cause of death was not known. Michael Puff was the owner and Carl Cocciolone the trainer.

No drivers were injured and no other horses were involved.

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