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February 8, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy gave Liam an ultimatum, while Hope awaited his decision. Liam’s relationship woes cast a pall over Bill and Katie’s intimate evening. Taylor was optimistic about her family’s future after a talk with Eric. Hope was taken aback by Thomas’ chilly greeting, then blew up at Brooke. Liam told Katie and Bill he asked Steffy to move out, while Steffy sought solace from Taylor, who told her to tell Liam she was pregnant. Bill told Liam he thought Steffy was a better fit for him than Hope, and Katie informed Hope about it.

Days of our Lives: Daniel cut short his romantic evening with Jennifer when Chloe called saying Parker wouldn’t stop crying. When he arrived the boy was fine. Jennifer told Chloe she was on to her. Marlena’s words inspired Kristen to dump Brady out of revenge for John dumping her. Nick secretly plotted to keep Will away from the baby. EJ and Sami finally made love, which led her into big fights with Brady and eventually Rafe. Cameron and Abigail had breakfast together and looked forward to a new beginning. Sami urged Will to demand a paternity test. Will gave the apartment key back to Sonny. Hope questioned Nicole about the stolen files, and Eric sought help from Kristen and Brady. Kristen pressed Brady about marriage, but he put her off.

General Hospital: John filled Sam and Rafe in about his murder arrest, and Sam filled John in about Lucy’s claim about Rafe’s father. Rafe made an accusation about his mother’s murderer. Todd told Lucy his insanity defense failed. Kevin’s arrival surprised Mac and Felicia. Britt nearly told Lulu that Maxie was carrying Spinelli’s child. Kevin thwarted Heather, Todd and Lucy’s escape plans, and Heather knocked Kevin unconscious. Britt gave Maxie an ultimatum. Olivia walked in as Sabrina was on the verge of telling her feelings to Patrick. Dante and Lulu had a romantic evening, as did Starr and Michael. McBain had his hands full with the murder investigation. John asked Rafe to help him determine the real killer. Sonny and Olivia each tried to get Connie to go easy on Kristina. Shawn got hip to Sonny’s feelings for Connie. TJ was upset about Molly’s visit with Rafe. Tracy again asked Luke to find out what Carly knew about Edward’s will. Carly discovered Todd in his office.

The Young and the Restless: Alex told Noah he would arrest him if he withheld evidence. Adriana came out of hiding when Noah paid her to leave town, then was confronted by Alex. Congressman Wheeler pressed Avery for information on a case she was working on and was rebuffed. Leslie told Tyler of her encounter with Wheeler and said he recognized her. Sharon got Adam to accompany her to the opening of The Underground. There, Nick introduced Dylan to Victoria, and Avery kissed Nick as Dylan watched.



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