Volunteers needed for SnowCare for Troops

February 8, 2013

Frequent moves and unexpected deployments are just a few of the stresses impacting the families of the nearly 1.5 million active duty men and women serving in the U.S. armed forces. Along with the stress that comes with family separation, military spouses of deployed troops left to manage the household alone face the added stress of tackling these daily chores with little support.

Volunteers can help ease their burden this winter by joining Project EverGreen’s SnowCare for Troops to provide free snow removal services to active duty members of the armed forces. Now in its third year, SCFT has 1,200 volunteers signed up to help more than 1,500 military families. Many volunteers are snow removal and landscape contracting professionals.

Service programs like SCFT are helping to bridge the gap in understanding between civilians and military families while providing critical community support. Military families with deployed loved ones are invited to participate in SCFT by completing an online registration form with Project EverGreen. Project EverGreen will match military families with volunteers available in their service area.

To become a volunteer or register as a military family visit projectevergreen.com/scft/become-a-snowcare-volunteer.

Volunteers who want to help can give to SCFT in these ways:

• Assisting one or two military families locally with snow and ice removal in their communities;

• Enlisting others to join the cause and encouraging military families to register for the program;

• Donating money or gas cards to offset snow removal and maintenance costs; and

• Lending snow removal equipment to volunteers or groups.



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