Save Saturday delivery, jobs

February 11, 2013

The editorial in Sunday’s paper about the postal service, while presenting some correct information, does not tell the whole story.

Here is some additional information: Two years ago, the Postal Service realized they had overpaid the retirees’ health fund by $75 million. When they asked for the money back, they were told it was already spent. The refunding of the plan is paid through the year 2075. Congress can pass a bill in a month to restrict your Second Amendment rights, but will not repeal the 2006 law mandating the USPS to pay $11 billion per year to the fund. Wonder if the money is really there?

There are more than 100,000 rural routes in the country. Rural carriers are paid on an evaluated system. Our mail is counted at least one time per year and the end result, which is based on volume, is how our salary is determined for the next 12 months. During the last count in September, my route dropped in volume and it cost me $3,285.

If Saturday delivery is stopped, 110,000 people will lose their jobs. These are some of the facts as I know them. Call your congressman and tell them to give the money back, repeal the law, save jobs and help restore an American institution back to black instead of red.

Terri Nimpfer



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