Comments on roadwork

Comments on roadwork

February 12, 2013

I have wanted to comment about the work that was done and needs to be done on Route 136 from Eighty Four south toward Washington.

They fixed the intersection at Brownlee Road and Route 136. But there is still a blind spot on the eastern side of the hill at the intersection. When they were working on it, I asked, “Why did they not level it out a little more so cars on Brownlee could see the traffic coming from Monongahela better?” The engineer told me, “We told them the same thing but they wouldn’t do it.”

Also, the intersection of Church Road and Route 136 is more dangerous now with the no left turn signs. Fifty percent of the cars still turn there anyway. They also turn left down in the dip, which is worse because it is blind. One day there were four cars backed up waiting for someone to turn left and a truck almost smashed them all. Those no-left-turns were just a temporary fix.

They should just level that little hill out a little so cars can see and they could turn left there. Even GPS’s guide you that way to the Dunningsville exit on Route 70.

James Benney

Eighty Four


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