Don’t trust media, politicians

February 13, 2013

I woke up Sunday to the local TV news talking about the “governor raising taxes,” and while I was opening an eye I heard that taxes would be raised by about 25 cents per gallon at the gasoline pump – they later explained that this might be over five years. They continued interviewing people and asking about these new taxes and how they, the interviewees, would be forced to choose between gas and food “for their children.”

What they failed to mention was the taxes being considered are against the oil companies and not the consumers and that these taxes would be used to fix bridges and roads within the commonwealth that have been falling down and are in deplorable condition. It was recently put in plain language during a visit to Harrisburg that if you go to a gas station and purchase a 16-ounce soda, you pay taxes on the entire soda, but the oil companies would currently only pay taxes on 8 ounces, or half of the amount you would pay, on their product. And that these proposed taxes may, or may not, be passed onto the consumers.

The governor is actually proposing cutting the current tax on gas by 17 percent for “we” consumers, about 2 cents per gallon. So, unlike the news of the 1950s and 1960s, where you would listen to the news as being the truth, today’s “fluff managers” have their own agenda that gets passed off as reality. This is what happens when they (Disney and General Electric, which own most of the media outlets) get hundreds of millions of your tax dollars from this administration.

But I have noticed that they do not spend time on how this administration is trying to attack the Second Amendment of our Constitution. How can the Department of Homeland Security buy 7,000 AR-15s as “personal protection devices” when President Obama wants to ban them for American citizens as “assault weapons”? I am just as concerned about why the homeland security department has purchased 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow-point ammunition, which, by the way, is in violation of the Geneva Convention and can’t be used on the battlefield. So what is the Obama administration planning to use them on?

Why is the media not examining why this administration is trying to attack Americans, on American soil, using drones, doing away with the protection of the Fifth Amendment’s “due process clause” that guarantees all our rights under the Bill of Rights and the other amendments? What happened to their oaths of protecting the Constitution? I would suggest copying the Bill of Rights and sending it to your elected officials and let them know you are watching them.

So, now is the time for Americans, especially the “silent majority,” to wake up and look at politicians and the media for what they do, not just the rhetoric they spew. Listen for the real truth in the media, not just the fluff they try to feed us on a daily basis. Or, as time goes on, we will stop being citizens of a free society and start being subjects under the control of those more interested in the millions they can acquire for themselves than informing you of the wrongful actions done while hiding the real truth from us.

William Merrell

Peters Township

Merrell is the chairman of the Washington County Republican Party.


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