Three armed robberies under investigation

February 14, 2013

State and Washington police are investigating three armed robberies Wednesday, two in Canton Township and one in the city.

The first happened just after 12 a.m. as an employee of Mm Mm Pizza, 396 W. Chestnut St., was closing for the night. The employee had turned off the lights and gone out the door when he was approached from behind by a man holding a gun.

The employee was ordered back inside the store. The robber threatened to shoot the employee if he did not open both safes. The employee explained that one of the safes could be opened only by a manager. The other safe was opened and the contents emptied in a bag. The gunman also stole the employee’s wallet containing about $100 and credit cards.

City police Sgt. Chris Luppino said the weapon was described as a silver handgun.

A few hours later, about 3:50 a.m., a robber walked into the lobby of the Red Roof Inn, 1399 W. Chestnut, Canton, carrying a semiautomatic handgun and demanding money. He wore a black jacket over a black hooded shirt. The gunman had the hood up and pulled tightly around his face. Once he got the money, the robber fled in an unknown direction.

Then, about 9 p.m., an employee at Shorty’s, 2301 Jefferson Ave., Canton, was closing for the night when he was forced back into the restaurant by a gunman who demanded money. When the employee told the robber that he could not get back into the safe, the gunman fled on foot.

Troopers searched the area, and a possible suspect was questioned but later released.



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