Herbal teas topic at garden club meeting

February 18, 2013
Rachel Miller, left, and Norma Kline, members of Rices Landing Town and Country Garden Club, stand beside an array of English bone china teacups from Kline’s collection. Teacups were used by club members to make their own cup of tea.

Rachel Miller presented the program “Herbal Teas” at the February meeting of Rices Landing Town and Country Garden Club.

She displayed and discussed a variety of herbal teas. She presented the history of tea and its modern uses – for enjoyment and for medicinal purposes.

For centuries, Asian cultures have used herbal teas for their healing properties. Miller cited current scientific studies that substantiate the medicinal value of tea, such as chamomile for calming and peppermint as a digestive aide.

Members chose from an array of loose teas, such as chai, chamomile, cinnamon, dandelion, elderberry, ginger, lemon grass, peppermint, rose-hips and rosemary. Fruit teas also were available – apple, blueberry, cherry, lemon, orange, peach, pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry.

Miller encouraged members to grow herbs not only for their beauty but also for harvesting for making tea and for medicinal purposes, such as echinacea, which is the coneflower, E. purpurea, highly acclaimed for its healthful properties.

Miller has been an herbalist for 17 years and grows organic plants at her home and business, Autumn’s Boutique, in Mather. Among her other plants are herbs for skin care – lavender, aloe, calendula, and yarrow – using their beneficial properties for soap, lotions, balms and salves.



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