Prison board members hear statistical report

February 20, 2013

WAYNESBURG – Members of the Greene County Prison Board Wednesday received a statistical overview of the jail’s operations in 2012.

Warden Harry Gillispie produced a comprehensive report showing total jail commitments in 2012 were 598, down from 719 in 2011 and 734 in 2010. The number of males incarcerated in 2012 was 470, down from 544 in 2011 and 580 in 2010. The number of females placed in the county lockup also dropped from 175 in 2011 to 128 last year.

Gillispie said the average daily population in 2012 was 96 inmates, compared with 90 the previous year.

Perhaps the most telling statistics were the types of crimes that resulted in jail time.

The offense leading the list in 2012 was driving under the influence, resulting in 286 people serving time. DUI defendants overtook last year’s leader – drug law violators, which numbered 116 in 2011. That number included 77 for manufacturing/delivery/possession; 16 for manufacturing/delivery/and possession with intent to deliver; 6 for marijuana possession; 2 for contraband; and 15 for drug paraphernalia.

Last year, there were just 57 commitments for drug violations. In 2010, the number was 86.

Other crimes that sent people to the county jail last year were contempt (failure to appear, comply), 238; driving under suspension, 185; simple assault, 66; and theft, 45,

Some of the more serious offenses included homicide, 3; sexual assaults, 2; burglary, 29; robbery, 10; arson, 1; aggravated assault, 10; unlawful restraint, 1; resisting arrest, 6; endangering the welfare of a child, 11; and accidents involving death or injury, 2.

Gillipsie said last year, the jail collected $650,050 from Fayette County for housing its inmates; $22,180 from weekend prisoners; and $19,880 from prisoners serving on work release.

The month-by-month Greene and Fayette county commitments, respectively, for 2012 were January, 60, 15; February, 23, 23; March, 46, 35; April, 20, 10; May, 54, 24; June, 49, 45; July, 47, 32; August, 19, 51; September, 21, 34; October, 20, 45; November, 46, 26; and December, 25, 14.

Gillispie said the county jail continues to house inmates from Fayette County (46 as of Wednesday), but the county is owed $50,000 for Fayette inmate costs for January 2013.

Also as of Wednesday, the jail population was 109, and includes 78 males, 11 weekend males and 20 females.

Presently, no inmates are serving on work release status.

Jon Stevens was the Observer-Reporter’s Greene County bureau chief. During his 41 years with the O-R, he covered county government, courts and politics, and won statewide and regional writing awards.

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