Soap opera review

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February 22, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke planned a surprise wedding for Hope and Liam. Hope rebuffed Oliver when he told her he still had feelings for her. Taylor accompanied Steffy to the obstetrician, and Steffy heard her baby via ultrasound for the first time. Liam regretted a promise he made to Steffy. Brooke urged Father Fontana to talk with Liam about Hope. Steffy and Taylor rushed to stop Liam from marrying Hope. Steffy’s pregnancy stunned Liam, Hope and Brooke. Caroline showed her true colors with her reaction to the location of her date with Rick, but he managed to salvage the evening after she left. While Liam agonized, Hope and Steffy had it out. Taylor scolded Brooke for meddling in Liam and Hope’s affairs. Maya’s hidden talents came to the surface.

Days of our Lives: Chloe intentionally got herself ejected from the Kiriakis mansion by annoying Victor. Daniel let Chloe move in, prompting Jennifer to let him have it. Nicole and Lucas got into a fight. Kristen had second thoughts about using Brady. Nick refused Kate and Rafe’s request to delay the wedding until the baby was born. Nicole left town, her feelings for Eric overwhelming her. Kristen had words with Marlena and accepted Brady’s invitation to move in. Nicole blurted her true feelings to Eric after he was seriously hurt in a robbery attempt at the church. Julie warned Sami about her behavior, and Sami stormed off to confront Gabi, who went into labor. Jennifer confronted Chloe and reconciled with Daniel, insisting he never talk to Chloe again. Chloe had words with Maggie and Abigail. Nicole was relieved when Eric finally regained consciousness but worried he might have heard her confession. Abigail admitted to Cameron that she was a virgin.

General Hospital: Tracy kept up the pressure on Luke to track down the Quartermaine heir so she could take back the company. Luke saw someone on the pier at the Haunted Star party. Dante surprised Lulu by bringing Sonny to the party. Maxie agreed to go out with Frisco. Felix tried to cheer up Sabrina, who was convinced she was responsible for the cop’s death. Maxie, feeling guilty for letting Sabrina believe this, admitted to Frisco she did something horrible. Connie reacted badly to Sonny’s kiss and accused him of using her again. Sabrina learned Britt wrote a letter of complaint about her to Monica. Starr and Michael encountered Sonny and Connie in a stateroom. John and Todd talked in jail. Anna admitted to Duke she broke things off with Luke. Olivia was terrified by a vision she had of Steve. Lucy and Molly engaged in subterfuge at Ferncliff. Sonny told Michael why he slept with Connie.

The Young and the Restless: Cane and Lily got into a fight after he questioned her loyalty. Congressman Wheeler told Leslie and Tyler they should tell the appeals judge the truth about Avery’s client. Summer admitted to Phyllis that he bullied Jamie to hurt Ronan. Billy and Victoria got into a paint fight while painting their living room. Nikki came clean about her illness to Jack, who asked her why she didn’t tell Victor. Sharon and Adam exchanged valentines and reminisced about their time in New Orleans. The power went out just as Dylan asked Avery if they could be a couple, and she said no. Avery got a call from Sharon telling her she was in a car accident with Dylan. Lauren told Carmine that the charges against Fen were dropped. Kevin told Fen he should give Michael another chance. Adriana helped Katherine when her car became stuck in the snow.



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