Looking back

February 23, 2013

A look at some of the headlines gracing the pages of the Observer-Reporter and Waynesburg Republican this week in Greene County history:

5 years ago: Feb. 24-March 1, 2008

Municipalities have plenty of salt, cinders; use of anti-skid materials up

WAYNESBURG – Winter may not have yet delivered a knockout blizzard. But, numerous little storms that have dropped a few inches of snow here and there have kept the plow trucks quite busy in Greene County.

Municipalities still have plenty of salt and cinders to last the rest of the winter, according to the township and borough officials contacted Wednesday. However, the street departments have used a bit more anti-skid materials than in previous winters.

“It’s mainly because of these little nuisance snows. They require just as much material as the big snows,” said Franklin Township Supervisor Corbly Orndorff.

Franklin Township earmarks money in the budget to purchase 500 tons of salt. During most recent winters, the township has bought about 250 tons, but it is already at 300 tons this year.

Waynesburg Borough has used between 25 and 100 tons more salt this year than last winter. But, it still has plenty of materials in reserve.

•SE Greene board questions proposed use of study grant

MAPLETOWN – Southeastern Greene School Board took a stand Thursday opposing a plan to use a state grant the district and two other districts received to study a merger or the consolidation of services for anything other than its intended purpose.

The board voted unanimously on a motion stating if the $100,000 grant is not used by the districts for a feasibility study, it should be returned to the state.

Southeastern Greene, Carmichaels Area and Jefferson-Morgan school districts received the grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development to conduct the feasibility study.

The Carmichaels Area board, however, decided it did not want to participate in the study.

Carmichaels voted last week to serve as fiscal agent for the grant and will seek state approval to divide the grant equally among the districts for each to use for other programs.

Members of the Southeastern Greene board Thursday questioned whether the two other districts without Southeastern Greene could determine what happens with the grant, which was awarded to all three districts.

10 years ago: Feb. 23-March 1, 2003

County gets grant to remove tires from junkyard

WAYNESBURG – Greene County has been awarded a grant from the state Department of Environmental Protection to dispose of an estimated 15,000 waste tires at the Ruschel Auto Salvage yard on Route 188 in Jefferson Township.

The grant for an amount not to exceed $40,000 was awarded under DEP’s Waste Tire Recycling Program. The money will permit the county to complete its part of the salvage yard cleanup.

The county took possession of the 1.5-acre salvage yard in late 2001 after the owner, Dennis Ruschel, failed to comply with a court order requiring him to clean up the site.

Ruschel was ordered to clean up the property after the county and Jefferson Township filed a lawsuit against him, claiming the salvage yard created a health and safety hazard for the community.

If he failed to comply with the requirement, the county was permitted to take possession of the property, sell the inventory and use the proceeds to clean up the yard, Nalitz said.

Ruschel failed to comply with the order, and the county took possession of the property.

•Water on the way

WAYNESBURG – Residents who live along Route 19 in Washington Township between Ruff Creek and the Franklin Township line should, if everything goes as planned, have public water by the end of summer.

Washington Township supervisors are soliciting bids for construction of a water line that will stretch about 2 miles along Route 19 and include an extension along Apple Hill Road.

“We’ll be opening bids at the supervisors’ meeting in March and hope to start construction in April,” township engineer Rob Kuchar said Tuesday.

The 12-inch water line will connect an existing line on Route 19 that ends just south of the Route 221 intersection, with a line constructed last year by Franklin Township, to the Franklin Township line.

The length of the extension on Apple Hill Road has not yet been determined, although the township hopes to go far enough to reach the first few homes. “We’ll go as far as the money will take us,” Kuchar said.

The entire project is expected to serve about 27 homes, Kuchar said.

25 years ago: Feb. 24-March 2, 1988

Floor cracks pose no danger

WAYNESBURG – An engineering firm has determined that there is no immediate danger created by cracks that developed last week in the concrete floor of the second floor of the Greene County Office Building.

“All of the structural supports, beams, columns and bar joists appear solid and without any evidenced that they are being subjected to stress,” said Vince Borelli, and engineer with Widmer Engineering

The engineer said the problem lies with the joint created when the new concrete floor was abutted to three floor of mezzanines that ran down both side of a department store that formally was located in the building.

45 years ago: Feb. 24-March 2, 1968

Waynesburg, German Twp. share mat title

For the first time in 13 years, Waynesburg High School had to share the Section IV wrestling crown this year with German Township.

The defending tourney champions emerged with five individual champions, including Dale Murdock, who became the first wrestler to win four sectional crowns, and Gary McClure, who copped his third in a row.

Final standing found the Raiders tied with the Uhlans with 32 steam points. German had four championship winners, including George Dugas, who claimed his second in succession.



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