An amicable ‘Anthem’ solution

An amicable ‘Anthem’ solution

February 24, 2013

I have been reading and hearing about the troubles occurring with the presentation of our National Anthem, whether it’s by a rock, country or rap star.

They all have their unique “take” on the anthem. And, in most cases, their renditions are not appreciated by the public.

It would seem to me that an amicable solution to this would be for all sports venues to do away with the singing and obtain a very respectable instrumental recording to play over their sound systems. It could be a university band, a high school band or even a symphony orchestra. That way people could sing along and not have their hearing destroyed by a screaming rendition.

You know that the word “render” means to tear apart! And, in most cases, that is exactly what happens.

Ed Rothermund



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