Peters Twp. continues work on comprehensive plan

Plan work progresses

February 26, 2013

McMURRAY – Progress on a new comprehensive plan in Peters Township continues with an anticipated final plan adoption in August.

Following a three-day series of meetings and seminars at the end of January, Grant Shiring, land use planner for the township, called the workshops “informative, thought-provoking and inclusionary.”

Videos of the presentations are now uploaded, along with presenters’ slides, at

A report of the information gathered will be presented to the steering committee in mid-March, after which the committee will hold a series of meetings to begin the process of formulating the comprehensive plan. The meetings are open to the public, but comments will not be taken.

The state mandates each municipality must produce a new comprehensive plan every 10 years. In 2001, the township took almost three years to complete a plan.

Shiring said to help the committee achieve its August goal, residents are encouraged to review each plan draft and to provide input.

“Let’s not wait until August to question or contest elements of the plan crafted over the next five months. The sooner feedback is received, the sooner the issues are vetted and the community can move forward,” Shiring said. “Remember, there are 21,000 people (who) call Peters home. Everyone has their own ideas about what is best for the community. Not everyone will agree on every recommendation. But, know that each of us has the same goal in mind – to make Peters Township the best possible community it can be.”

Additional information about the plan may be found on the website.



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