Oscar ceremony displays hubris, opulence

February 26, 2013

The parade of progressive actors, actresses, producers and directors come forth yearly in a pageant that would incite envy in Marie Antoinette. The Academy Awards are an ostentatious display of hubris, opulence and political correctness.

Had this type of ostentatious display been given at a stockholders convention in any corporation in America, these same opulent, elegant dandies would have hypocritically decried this display of wealth as an affront to the common man. How could one be so insensitive as to display one’s wealth in the face of poverty, unemployment, declining wages and job opportunities? Had any CEO’s wife been so arrayed, unless it was for an Obama or Democratic National Committee fundraiser, these same liberal elites would cry out in sanctimonious horror as the robber barons of industry and finance flaunted their wealth.

Michael Guy


Oscar ceremony displays hubris, opulence


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