A Black History Month tribute

A Black History Month tribute

February 27, 2013

I would like to end this Black History month like this: I may have many children and even more grandchildren, but the Wilson legacy did not start with me. I was raised by two people who taught me to respect others, to be an example of what was right, not to bully, not to take advantage of, and, especially, not to harm my fellow man. But, at the same time, stand up for myself in a non-violent way when something was wrong.

I went to kindergarten at the LeMoyne Center, attended Nazareth Baptist Church, was raised in Washington’s West End, and graduated from Washington High School. I am no way perfect as I pray for forgiveness. But the legacy belongs to those two people who stood for non-violence and worked and toiled to be the outstanding parents that they were. So this Black History month for me belongs to them. I am eternally thankful to my parents, Jethroe and Dorothy Wilson.

Marvin D. Wilson

Reynoldsburg, Ohio


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