First U.M. to hold skype service

February 28, 2013

First U.M. to skype with sister church

First United Methodist Church, Washington, will worship with its sister church in Chemnitz, Germany, via skype at 10 a.m. Sunday.

During World War II, British planes bombed Chemnitz, hitting Friedenskirche, a Methodist church. The bomb, however, did not explode.

After the war, Dr. Raymond Bell, a longtime professor at Washington & Jefferson College, and his wife sent a love package of food to Germany. It was received by the Herbert Rosenfeld family. Rosenfeld was the organist at Friedenskirche. A friendship began, and the two churches joined for prayers of peace on March 6, 1960.

Since then, the first Sunday of March has been designated Peace Sunday.

The churches have continuted to communicate and have shared the same liturgical hymns, Scriptures and prayers during worship on the first Sunday in March.

Sunday’s service will be in German and English. Guido Halder and Judith Atzler will serve as translators. German food will be served after the service.



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