Soap opera review

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March 1, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam’s decision made one woman very happy and the other very much not. Maya’s singing at Dayzee’s ignited sparks between her and Rick. Bill and Taylor bonded over the unborn grandchild. Bill encouraged Brooke to ask Eric for a promotion to co-CEO. A young couple embarked on the rest of their lives together. Eric gave Taylor lingerie and a romantic setup, thinking Stephanie would approve. Dollar Bill offered support and baby gifts to Steffy. Brooke caught Eric and Taylor in a compromising position, causing mayhem. Oliver revealed his feelings to Hope.

Days of our Lives: Nick warned Sami to stay away from Gabi. Will and Sonny finally reunited. Kristen manipulated Brady into moving into the mansion with her and Stefano. Marlena gave Nicole a warning about falling for Eric, and she left town. The junkie strangled Eric, demanding money. Kristen had an anxiety attack after Brady caught her in a lie. Stefano gloated to John about Kristen and Brady. Nick demanded Will give up parental rights to the baby. Kristen came clean to Brady about her time away from Salem. Nicole witnessed a moment between clandestine lovers. Daniel rejected Jennifer’s ultimatum, and she told him she wanted to break up. Chloe and Abigail had words and more. Sami confronted Nick. Lucas and Sonny talked Will out of turning himself in for EJ’s shooting. Nick gave Will papers relinquishing rights to the baby, while Gabi decided on a name.

General Hospital: Anna deduced that McBain and the escapees were at PCU, where McBain, Lucy and Rafe readied for a final battle with Caleb, who they discovered took Sam but left Daniel behind. Kate realized Connie caused Trey’s death and lashed out at Sonny for sleeping with her. Patrick attended a support meeting for drug abusers. Steve confessed to Elizabeth his worry that Olivia’s vision of his stabbing would come true, and she tried to allay his fears. Olivia got a visit from Heather. AJ told Liz his doctor thought his panic attacks were caused by PTSD. Kate investigated the scene of Trey’s death. TJ was upset that Molly helped Rafe escape. Lucy had a visitation from Alison, who urged her to gather her strength and destroy Caleb in order to protect Alison’s son. Duke sneaked into the Quartermaine den and stole the key to the relishrefrigerator. While caring for Daniel, Rafe had a vision of his mother telling him Caleb was his biological father. Olivia told Dante that to date only her vision of the dog-baby had yet to play out.

The Young and the Restless: Jack turned on the charm when Phyllis expressed reservations about getting back with him. Summer told Kyle her father thought he was too old for her. Michael tried to apologize to Fen and Lauren, who told Michael she was moving out. Abby flirted with Alex in front of Carmine. Nick and Victoria assured Nikki the family would help her through her illness. Victor told Nikki the new house was almost ready. Dylan told Phyllis he came to town to see Avery, who later got into a row with Phyllis. Jack told Phyllis he trusted her, and they made love. Nick argued with Sharon over her relationship with Adam. Dylan and Sharon became acquainted as he worked on her house. Chelsea, Chloe and Gloria pitched their designs to Neil, Jack, Cane and Lily, and Neil hired them. Tyler told Leslie they needed to fess up about the past. Wheeler overheard Avery clearing her calendar and asked if there were any new developments with her case. Michael offered Christine his job as DA.



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