February deeds

March 1, 2013

WAYNESBURG – The following deeds were recorded in February in the office of Greene County Register and Recorder Tom Headlee:

Aleppo Township

Berridge L. Simms to Venable Royalty Ltd., minerals, $112,000

Cumberland Township

John Lee McCann to Sioux Harbarger, lot, $55,000

Charles W. Thomas to Kimberly S. Workman, four tracts, $37,707.60

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Karen Ealy, lot, $14,900

Charles T. Gray to Lindsay J. Jefferies, lot, Nemacolin, $69,000

Steven Ray Powell to Ryan Darazio, lot, Nemacolin, $19,000

Travis J. Townsend to Travis J. Townsend and others, 5.33458 acres, $7,008.20

Billie Jean Kovalcheck to William David Cole, 1.452 acres, $35,000

Dunkard Township

John B. Brand to Safeco Environmental Inc. , 2.975 acres, $300,000

Joshua Shanor to Robert A. Harding, lot, Bobtown, $30,000

Renea P. Dautant to Edward G. Jackson Jr., lot, Bobtown, $38,900

Gwenith Sheetz to Arete Acquisitions LLC, tract, $4,000

India Burrik to Arete Acquisitions LLC, tract, $2,000

Franklin Township

Duane G. Makel to James E. Hopkins, lot, $35,000

Emil A. Traveny to Gregory C. Mankey, lot, Colonial Place, $220,000

Gilmore Township

William Gabel to CNX Gas Co. LLC, right of way, $4,000

P&P Fujimo LLC to Bounty Minerals LLC, minerals, $22,500

Jefferson Borough

David K. Taylor to Kevin Sisler, lot, $35,000

Jefferson Township

Deborah J. Swaney to Robert M. DePhillips, 0.560 of an acre, $83,000

Ralph D. Jeffries to Louis Balazick, two tracts, $5,000

Morgan Township

Carbon Resources Inc. to Thomas Goughenour, 45.9674 acres, $58,000

Richard L. Shultz to James W. Sowden, lot, Mather, $79,500

Samuel L. Wade to EQT Gathering of Pa. LLC, right of way, $14,504

Morris Township

John S. Hopkins to Hopkins Laundromat, lot, $101,893.60

Lewis P. Crouse to Consol Pa. Coal Co. LLC, right of way, $25,000

Perry Township

Estate of Zelda B. MacDonald to Melcenia Rose Dalton, 0.7902 of an acre, $9,000

Matthew E. McCulty to Jordon Wheeler, tract, $179,000

Christina Marie Suhrie to Michael Anthony Bennett, two lots, $14,000

Janet Titus Dwyer to Larry W. Yost, 0.506 of an acre, $5,500

Beneficial CDC to Larry W. Yost, 7.2414 acres, $18,000

Gary L. Cain to Mepco LLC, coal, $14,474

Richhill Township

Sharon K. Lemley to JJK Mineral Co. LLC, minerals, $36,357

Asa Maurice Hughes to MM Marcellus HBP1 LP, minerals, $103,679.40

John R. Iams to Donald H. Grim Jr., three tracts, $105,000

Donald David Patterson to MM Marcellus HBP1 LP, minerals, $6,758.03

National Fuel Gas Supply to Carl R. Burns, tract, $6,969

Donnis J. Hughes to MM Marcellus HBP1 LP, minerals. $103,679.40

Carl R. Burns Sr. to Ryan Sotler, tract, $30,000

Springhill Township

Danny L. Yoss to Danny L. Yoss and others, 28.739 acres, $19,782

Washington Township

David K. Snowdeal to JJK Mineral Co. LLC, minerals, $13,888.89

Greg A. Staggers to Keith A. McDowell, tract, $140,000

Margery J. Suda to JJK Mineral Co. LLC, minerals, $13,888.89

Waynesburg Borough

Betty A Bristor to Scarisbrick Land Holding LLC, lot, $79,000

Allen Bayard Closser to Robert Baily, tract, $44,000

Freda A. Roberts to Cody R. Haines, tract, $108,000

FMM Properties LLC to BSP Properties LLC, two lots, $149,400

Bruce C. Lemley to Jessica Davidson, lot, $51,500

Whiteley Township

Buzz Ford to Joshua D. Humble, two tracts, $80,000



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