Ferry shouldn’t be a museum

March 2, 2013

I think before Washington and Fayette counties decide to shut down the Fredericktown Ferry, they should really look into keeping it running. Yes, most of the cars on the ferry belong to workers at the SCI Fayette prison, but others use it as well. They want to push the Mon Valley Expressway, which is nothing more than a white elephant that has already cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to Dennis Slagle, president of the Fredericktown Chamber of Commerce, and some East Bethlehem Township commissioners, the ferry should be docked and made into a museum. They are only interested in tearing down that old garage and want the counties to purchase the land and contribute to its upkeep. Really? How are these people going to realize there’s no tourism coming to Fredericktown? Why don’t they put their efforts into cleaning up the Clyde Mine mess, which is a bigger eyesore than the garage.

None of the people pushing to make a museum use the ferry. There were no commissioners from either county at the public meeting last week. We have commissioners trying to save wrestling in the Olympics. How about saving something that benefits people who work for a living? We need a museum like I need a hole in my head. We have two restaurants, a cafe and three stores. What tourist in their right mind would want to come here? We don’t even have a gas station and no one does a thing to get one here.

Pam Morosky



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