Former Bentleyville man faces more charges

March 4, 2013

A former Bentleyville man, already wanted by Southwest Regional police on charges including deceptive business practices, is now facing more charges.

Timothy Rossell, 25, was charged Monday by Southwest Regional police with theft by deception, deceptive business practices, identity theft, forgery and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Sara and Douglas Edwards of 408 Main St., Bentleyville, told police they entered a contract with a man who identified himself as Timothy Brandhorst to sell him their 2005 Ford F250. Brandhorst did not make payments on the truck and dropped out of contact with them.

When they tried to take legal action, the couple learned the man entered into the contract using a false name and identification. Police said they were able to determine it was Rossell.

Last month, Rossell was charged by police with similar offenses. He allegedly identified himself as John Tobisi to a Glassport man who was selling a Ford Crown Victoria, claiming that he was a state constable and needed the car for work. Rossell entered a contract with the seller but never made a payment for the car, police said.

Charges in both cases have been filed at the office of District Judge Curtis Thompson.



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