Disbarred Pa. lawyer waives hearing in theft case

March 13, 2013

UNIONTOWN (AP) – A disbarred Pennsylvania attorney has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on felony theft charges that he kept restitution money from his clients instead of handing it over to the court.

Forty-four-year-old Nicholas Timperio Jr., of Uniontown, waived the hearing Tuesday which means he must now stand trial or plead to the charges in Fayette County.

In the first case, police said Timperio received $8,500 from a client in an October 2010 criminal case but failed to forward the money to the court. In the second set of charges, police said Timperio took $2,000 from another client and also failed to forward that restitution to the court.

Timperio is facing state disciplinary charges for taking money for cases he didn’t file, lying about settlements he negotiated, and failed to return clients’ calls for months.



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