Keep Thomas Hughes library open

Keep Thomas Hughes library open

March 14, 2013

I am a patron of the Thomas Hughes House Reading Center in Jefferson and use it and its resources frequently. I know the people there, and am always pleased to visit. The library has served my community well. The news of its closing is a disappointment for many reasons.

When I first came to this library, it was a blessing. Being close to Jefferson-Morgan High School, which I attend, I could simply walk to it in the afternoons. The library has given me access to books, movies and the Internet, which I do not have at my home. Our school library has few titles, and I have exhausted most of them. It has been so fantastic to have a library so close.

And now it seems to be closing, which leaves me in a tight spot.

Yes, the Eva K. Bowlby Library in Waynesburg may still be available, but it is not close enough for me to visit regularly. Also, the librarians at the Thomas Hughes House Reading Center are friendly and helpful and it has a warm and cozy environment. The library has been an invaluable source of enjoyment and help for me.

Because I do not have a computer at home, it has been so useful to have a computer nearby where I can do schoolwork. I also use the Mango language program the library offers. It is allowing me to learn basic conversational Japanese. It disheartens me to think that such a precious resource will soon be gone.

I implore the board to reconsider their decision. If not, I will only have access to a library once a week, at most. A decision to keep the library could only benefit this small community.

Zoe Tharp



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