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March 15, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Pam’s erratic behavior was a cause of concern to many. Caroline refused to let go of what she thought was rightfully hers. Rick maintained his false identity ruse so as not to intimidate Maya. Carter told Marcus he had his eye on a few prospects. Thomas used Rick’s recent distraction to his own benefit.

Days of our Lives: Marlena’s reunion with John didn’t go as she had hoped. Brady gave Stefano a chilly reception at the DiMera mansion.

Chloe drugged Daniel to keep him away from Jennifer. Sami sought to steal evidence linking Will to EJ’s shooting. Jennifer misunderstood the scene at Daniel’s hotel room. Kristen nearly confessed her plan of revenge to Stefano as Brady walked in. John told Brady he was willing to accept Kristen in his son’s life, but Brady suspected an ulterior motive. Will tried to talk Gabi out of marrying Nick. Sami was furious EJ didn’t tell her sooner that Stefano was back in town. Chad told Stefano he was considering moving back into the mansion. Marlena deduced that John was trying to destroy Kristen. As Nick got married to Gabi, his former prison mate, Vargas, was released. Nicole was appalled when she learned Eric invited an ex-convict.

General Hospital: Carly rebuffed Todd’s overtures. AJ and Ellie figured out Spinelli must be responsible for the secret relish ingredient, while Tracy demanded he turn over the stolen paper. At Connie’s book launch, Molly and TJ claimed Connie didn’t write “Love in Maine”; Molly did. Elizabeth arrived too late for her date with AJ. Sabrina confessed her feelings to Patrick. Todd asked Starr if Carly was really seeing AJ. Connie confronted Sonny about sleeping with Kate. Ellie and Spinelli told Michael that Spinelli ate the recipe. Molly was happy with Connie’s confession regarding “Love in Maine” until fans started complimenting her about the racy parts. Agnes flirted with Mac. Michael was upset after learning his parents were dating. Molly couldn’t reach Rafe at the group home and feared the worst. Sam warned Todd about karma. Scott caught Laura looking at a family album photo of Luke. Alexis delivered bad news to Rafe.

The Young and the Restless: Victor enlisted Abby in a plan to spring a series of surprises on Nikki. Leslie told Avery her case would destroy Leslie’s life with Tyler. Nick warned Wheeler that if any more misfortunes befell Avery, he’d come after him. Chelsea tried to tell Adam about the baby, but Sharon’s presence scotched her plans. At Michael’s urging, Lauren came back home. Jack pressed Phyllis to reveal her true feelings about him. Leslie confronted Wheeler about giving Gus her contact information. Lauren told Carmine she was married and had responsibilities. Chelsea broke down in front of Dylan. Cane told Lily he would stop working with Chelsea. Anita warned Chelsea not to tell Adam that she was pregnant. Michael suggested he and Lauren get counseling. Alex intervened when Abby and Carmine got into an argument over his mysterious mistress.



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