Adults needed in D.C.

March 20, 2013

This is in response to the March 14 editorial, “Congress should embrace reality.” Really? It is the writer of the editorial who needs to begin this process.

The editorial castigates U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan for a “purely political document that has zero chance of being enacted.” Among the reasons listed is that Ryan is attempting to count savings from dismantling “Obamacare.” Earth to writer: 80 percent of Americans of all stripes didn’t want Obamacare and still don’t. It is a freedom-killing trainwreck that relied on misinformation, skullduggery, and arm-twisting to be approved.

This isn’t about partisanship, although your writer seems to insist on making this a Democrat vs. Republican issue. It’s about preserving freedom of choice among doctors, plans and benefits. It’s about not spending what isn’t there. It matters not what Paul Krugman has written in recent days about there not being a fiscal crisis. To use an analogy, the house is on fire and fully involved. In fact, we might even be too late to save it.

It doesn’t matter what Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said. The bill is unconstitutional – there’s no legal precedent for having the government require that citizens buy any type of commodity under penalty of force. Nor is there legal precedent for government to be involved in providing health insurance – at least not in the United States.

Ryan is further castigated for counting savings from ending the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, pointing out, “that was money that wasn’t going to be spent anyway.” You don’t know that. Under the current president, the deficit has been increased by a whopping 60 percent – the highest in American history. It isn’t beyond the realm of reason for Barack Obama to maintain troops in either Iraq, Afghanistan, or both. To date, the federal government has purchased more than enough ammunition to supply a 24-year war. One has to wonder when and if that expenditure would either slow down or cease and what Obama plans to do with that much artillery.

Ryan is further attacked for wanting to slash Medicare. Obama has proposed to cut $320 billion on his own. This is an unavoidable avenue. We will not ever reach a balanced budget without addressing cuts in “entitlements.” The piece also castigates Ryan for “tax cuts for the wealthy.” Take a look at what’s happening in France now, instead of feeding those silly class-envy games that liberals seem to be so enamoured of.

It’s high time we allow some adults to assume control and yank us out of the mess that has been caused by the ill-informed, ignorant children who pervade the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

John A. Quayle

North Franklin Township


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