Bank forecloses on closed funeral homes

March 21, 2013

A Washington bank filed foreclosure notices Wednesday in Washington County Court against two funeral homes formerly operated by a Claysville funeral director who dropped out of sight about a month ago.

Washington Financial Bank at 77 S. Main St. is seeking $43,998 plus interest from Michael H. Heinrich and his former wife, the amount that has not been paid on a $175,000 mortgage the bank issued in October 1999 for the purchase of funeral homes in Claysville and West Alexander, court records indicate.

Heinrich, of McMurray, apologized to his customers last week after they began asking about his whereabouts and the story about his funeral homes made the news. Heinrich said he decided to step away from the businesses for health reasons.

Washington funeral supervisor Thomas Hummell is overseeing more than 100 prepaid Heinrich funerals, and all of the accounts appear to be secure, Hummell said Tuesday.

Michael H. Heinrich Funeral Home at 219 Main St., Claysville, is the only such business in the small borough, as was the operation in West Alexander. Hummell said a new owner of the Claysville business is expected to come forward soon.



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