Soap opera review

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March 22, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke and Bill’s business collaboration raised eyebrows. The relaunch of Brooke’s Bedroom intensified the rivalry between Thomas and Rick. Katie worried her marriage might be in trouble. Maya told Dayzee the identity of her mystery man. Caroline made a desperate bid to get back with Rick.

Days of our Lives: Kristen was thrilled when Brady told her he thought John still had feelings for her. Cameron got a mysterious phone call, then deceived Abigail into thinking he was working double shifts at the hospital. Brady told John and Marlena he was done with them. Chloe manipulated Daniel and Jennifer into a huge fight. Later, he tried to clear up the misunderstanding. Abigail blocked Anne from discovering Cameron’s shady dealings. Kristen accepted Brady’s proposal. Vargas learned Gabi and Nick were married. Chloe was devastated after spotting Daniel and Jennifer together. Gabi pressed Nick on why Will gave up his parental rights. Nicole found herself attracted to Vargas. Nick and Sonny brawled after Nick called him an offensive name. Kristen taunted Sami with the idea of her, Brady, Sami and EJ all living under one roof.

General Hospital: Scott caught Laura looking at a family album photo of Luke. Alexis delivered bad news to Rafe. Todd thought Carly would come back to him after their kiss, but she still didn’t trust him. McBain and Sam admitted mutual trepidation over their relationship. Michael and Starr made love after obtaining the chemical formula for the secret ingredient in Pickle-Lila from Ellie. AJ begged Liz for another chance. Scott asked Laura to marry him right away. Luke heard ticking emanating from Lulu’s mysterious gift. Lulu told Luke that Laura wouldn’t be marrying Scott if she knew Luke was available. Dante took a lightheaded Olivia to the hospital. Kevin pushed Mac to talk to Felicia about Frisco. Lucy demanded Kevin be Scott’s best man. Lulu disappeared. Duke and Mac commiserated over relationship woes, as did Anna and Felicia.

The Young and the Restless: Victoria tried to soothe an overwhelmed Nikki as her wedding approached. Adam overheard Nick and Victoria discussing Wheeler’s deceased daughter Stephanie. Later, he learned Victor had a witness who saw Adam dump the body. Chelsea was happy to learn Dylan was moving back to Chicago. At the prison, Leslie asked Gus why he killed her mother. Ashley expressed concern to Jack over his relationship with Phyllis. Friends and family gathered at the ranch for Victor and Nikki’s wedding, where Adam arrived with an announcement about Victor. Dylan told Sharon he was leaving Genoa City. At Crimson Lights, Carmine slipped Lauren his room key. Tyler went to see Gus. Summer texted Kyle to meet her in Jack’s office.



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