Ban assault weapons

March 23, 2013

I am not quite sure why anyone would need an automatic or semi-automatic assault rifle unless they plan on committing a mass murder.

Look at the Aurora, Colo. theater shooting. The accused shooter James Holmes allegedly used one and killed many innocent people who just wanted a night out to see a movie. Look at the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Adam Lanza, who turned a gun on himself after the massacre, killed many innocent children and their teachers.

I am definitely not a fan of any type of guns. But if anyone feels that they absolutely need a gun to feel safe or to shoot at a range as a hobby, an assault rifle should not be an option. It has assault in the name; the only thing that they are good for is to kill. No one needs to shoot that many rounds that quickly. If someone feels that they need an assault rifle for safety, save all the money that you are putting into purchasing a gun and ammunition and buy a home security system to protect you and your family.

I definitely support President Obama in banning all assault-style weapons and feel the world would be a much safer place without them.

Callie Munch



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