Hold Trinity leadership accountable

March 24, 2013

When does the insanity stop? Upon opening my newspaper, I was greeted with another headline about the Trinity School Board being in court. This time, it’s over a bus contract.

Over the last four years, the district has experienced eight changes in administration, several resulting in litigation. The district is requiring all advanced placement students take the AP test at a total cost of approximately $60,000, with the result being a drop in scores from 75 percent (pre-pay days) to the current rate of 38 percent. It’s hard to find the cost effectiveness and success in this process.

We have now twice attempted to change our health insurance carrier at a time when the program we’re a part of is working well with no premium increases for the past two years. We have hired an interim assistant principal at a rate of $400 per day plus transportation from Beaver County. Evidently no one thought anyone was qualified within the district to oversee discipline on an interim basis. We have entered into the JROTC Program at significant cost to the district without first ascertaining the need for or potential success of this program with our student population. We claim to have increased our rigor, but our test scores have remained stagnant. We’re capping class sizes at the high school, but we permit elementary school classes of 27 and 28 children, even in kindergarten.

We’ve had countless lawsuits and now we desperately need to change our transportation provider, which has safely transported our children for many years and whose costs are competitive with the proposed new provider. Like the proposed change in insurance, what is the motivation behind this and why do we, again, have to pay legal fees that could be better spent on reducing class sizes and improving curriculum choices?

At what point do we, as parents and taxpayers, say enough is enough. When do we hold our leadership accountable and when do the decisions that are being made reflect what is best for Trinity and our community and not outside interests.

Frances Eates


Hold Trinity leadership accountable


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