Ceremony focuses on organ donation

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The Rotary Club of Waynesburg met Monday in support of fellow member Dave Cumberledge, who is awaiting a lung transplant, as Southwest Regional Medical Center raised a flag in recognition of organ donor awareness month.

The ceremony, which also included representatives from the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, symbolized the need to educate Americans about donation and the need for more designated donors. Nationally, more that 113,000 people are awaiting an organ transplant; with 18 to 20 dying each day.

Weather forced most of the ceremony inside, but it didn’t dampen the spirit of the event. Addison Basiorka, who received a heart transplant as an infant, was also at the event. Cumberledge and Addison’s mom, Renee, both made remarks about the impact the process has had on their lives.

Cumberledge has already been called to sit and wait for a possible transplant. He, and all potential organ recipients, await the call that an organ has been identified.

To learn more about organ donation, visit www.core.org.

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