Former Beth-Center superintendent’s settlement terms revealed

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By Scott Beveridge
Staff Writer

DEEMSTON – Other than a four-month paid leave of absence, the former superintendent of Bethlehem-Center School District will receive no special financial incentives for turning in his early resignation, his settlement with the district indicates.

James B. Stockdale II of Beaver, who took a leave from Beth-Center Dec. 3, will receive his last paycheck as superintendent at the end of the month and is due $2,041 in professional travel reimbursements for his expenses involving travel of 3,711 miles between July 5 and Nov. 30, the signed settlement shows.

With more than a year left on his first four-year contract at Beth-Center, Stockdale submitted a three-sentence letter of resignation Feb. 23, stating he would resign for personal and professional reasons March 29.

The document includes a confidentiality clause requiring both sides to refrain from commenting on Stockdale’s departure or face a $5,000 penalty.

His contract required him to receive a $100,000 salary in the first year. Under the terms of the settlement, he releases all claims against Beth-Center, including those for discrimination, harassment, breach of contract and legal fees.

Both sides also agreed Stockdale had exhausted all of his sick time benefits prior to his resignation. Stockdale also agreed to never reapply for a position at Beth-Center.

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