Hold district leaders accountable

  • March 28, 2013

I am a 73-year-old retired educator with three stepdaughters and six grandchildren who graduated from Trinity High School. I have to respond to Frances Eates’ letter to the editor, which appeared Sunday.

I have been at a few school board meetings, and Eates is always giving a speech on every item on the agenda. How does she build an opinion without all the facts? The JROTC is an excellent program. I was there when a young man stood up and said more than 100 students were interested. Trinity High School could use discipline and order. No other local district has it, and so students from those districts also could participate. It is a far better program than French.

There also has not been a drop in AP test scores. Now that all students must take the AP test, you are comparing 100 percent to the 30 percent who used to take the test.

I think Eates has a personal agenda, as do many of the people who criticize the school board. They are losing control of the district that they used to their advantage until this board was installed. I do agree with her on one account – we need to hold our leaders accountable.

Chuckey Anderson

Canton Township

Hold district leaders accountable


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