Soap opera review

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March 29, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Caroline found out why Rick was distant. A conversation with Taylor made Katie insecure about her marriage. A friend in need confided in Brooke. Dayzee worried that Maya was becoming a permanent part of her life. Eric’s dinner party took an unfortunate turn.

Days of our Lives: Nick opened up to Gabi about his time in prison. Stefano welcomed Sami and EJ into the DiMera mansion, which caused Sami to worry about EJ’s safety. Stefano’s text to Kate alarmed a protective Rafe. A misunderstanding over Will pulled Kate and Rafe apart, then brought them together. Brady told Marlena and John he was getting married, then everyone argued. Abigail pulled back from Cameron. A scheme came back to haunt Kristen. Chloe told Nancy to get ready, then had words with Nicole. Daniel and Jennifer returned home, where she was confronted by Chloe, who issued an ultimatum. Kate broke things off with Rafe, then they made up, made love and resolved to keep their relationship a secret. Victor reacted strongly when Brady told him he was getting married. Sy tried to blackmail Kristen, then contacted Marlena. Nicole bonded with Vargas and suggested Eric hire him as a handyman.

General Hospital: As shots rang out, Anna and Dante continued their search for Lulu. Dante tried to use Olivia’s psychic powers to locate Lulu. Graduation day arrived for Sabrina and Felix. Anna saw Britt with Obrecht. Dante caught the shooter. Felix fumed over Milo and Sabrina. Scott blamed Bobbie for coming between him and Laura. TJ asked Molly to the Nurses’ Ball. Carly showed Lucy the refitted Metro Court Ballroom. Alexis took in Shawn so he could recuperate. Sabrina and Felix made up after their argument over Milo. Spinelli agreed to search for the Quartermaine heir, partly at AJ’s behest, partly as a distraction from his own relationship woes. Tracy broke into the lab to steal the formula. Alexis received alarming news. AJ was surprised to learn of one of Liz’s past relationships. Felicia confided in Maxie her dilemma over Mac and Frisco.

The Young and the Restless: Tyler accused Gus of killing his mother over her affair, which Gus denied. At Neil’s office, Tyler opened up to Lily about his rocky relationship with his father. Leslie told Wheeler she thought her father was innocent, but she suspected the congressman knew more than he was telling. Carmine slipped Lauren his room key, then Michael confronted her about their marriage. Summer tried to surprise Kyle. Later, Phyllis caught them in an uncomfortable moment. Phyllis recommended to Jack that Summer intern with Neil. At Victor and Nikki’s wedding reception, Adam tried to reveal Victor’s involvement in Stephanie’s death. Bob pulled a gun, and someone was shot. Later at the police station, Wheeler worried what Bob might say. Dylan told Avery and Nick he was going back to Chicago. Neil questioned Wheeler about Leslie and Tyler’s mother. Tyler surprised Leslie with the news he was testifying for the prosecution. Kevin encouraged Michael to not give up on his marriage, while Lauren fought her feelings for Carmine. Cane noticed Katherine’s forgetfulness.



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