Term limits for do-nothing Congress

March 30, 2013

Each day we read the articles and hear the people cry out for a ban on assault weapons. But up until now we’ve heard unproductive silence in Congress about this scourge on American society.

The National Rifle Association preaches about the constitutional right to bear arms. Let’s take a closer look at this: Do you believe our forefathers could have foreseen assault weapons? I don’t care to argue about the technicalities of what guns were at the time the Second Amendment was written, but you can bet they didn’t know it would lead to this. So why doesn’t Congress do something?

It’s time for change. Women weren’t allowed to vote. That was changed. Slavery ended. That changed. Changes can be made, but only by having a functional government, not by having a governing body that puts itself and the political parties they represent first. These people live like we can only dream. Perks, pensions, outrageously generous health care benefits, outrageous salaries and paid expenses. Unless you live in a cave, you might not focus on assault weapons, but the lethargic federal government has failed to get logical and constructive laws passed to protect us. We can start to clean house with term limits!

Jonathan Bauduin


Term limits for do-nothing Congress


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