Corbett bends the truth

Corbett bends the truth

April 1, 2013

It’s bad enough when a politician, shall we say, “bends the truth” to get elected. But, now that Gov. Tom Corbett is in office, he continues his patterns of untruths, half-truths and outright lies.

First, he said how well parents would be doing when their children were given alternatives to educating their children in “alternative schools.” Now that the scam being put upon the taxpayers funding cybercharter schools has been widely reported, the question is, what kind of hyperbole will he use regarding the exorbitant amounts of money being sent to cyberschools and the lack of accountability for use of those funds?

The governor would also have us believe he has the best interests of Pennsylvania taxpayers in mind in not expanding the Medicaid program. Well, Gov. Corbett, I have news for you: We read, we write, we understand. We see through your “concern” for the taxpayers. We’re not buying it. It’s time you quit wasting our money on unaccountable financing of cyberschools, until you and your administration can come up with a plan that makes those that are receiving our hard-earned tax dollars responsible for their actions. Also, it’s time that you get in line with your other Republican governors, like John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Scott of Florida and agree to the expansion of Medicaid.

Barry Andrews



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